Monday, July 17, 2006

Supermen lose!

Was down to Cork over the weekend. Brian was having his stag and we economical folk that we are decided that combining it with the munster final replay would make it a more plausible weekend trip.

Prior to that went to see Superman Returns, I liked it, certainly more than I did X-men 3. That said it lacked something, I thought Lois was too mumsy, and the whole 'Richard' issue is a hard one to resolve.

The hotel was great, a good distance out at the airport but when the cost and the taxis were split it was quite reasonable. For one participant it was just perfect, flew in and flew out. no other travel hassles.

The night itself was shockingly wellbehaved. There was considerable alcohol consumed, and many establishments visited but nothing risque, bar the 'if I give you drink, you will sing' moment which I wasn't there for. Very good night.

On the Sunday we got a full Irish at bully's nicely priced at 6.95 though the poached egg on toast for 4.25. would have made some feel a bit done.

The match itself was not the greatest, the football in general in the first half by Kerry was poor. Cork were ok, Kerry improved somewhat in the second half and Cork upped their game too, and to be honest won while pulling away a bit. They showed a willingness to take points from comparatively long range. Gooch (or Grouch or the Grinch as some of our brethern who are living about the heathens were prone to say) had a poor game, fact is his mind is probably not on the game and who can blame him.

There was no real linkage between midfield where we didn't win enough ball and the full forward line. In the first half Cork real crowded the area between haffway and our half back line, they won ball and moved it. We weren't even holding our own in the air. There are rumours of dissension and factions in the camp which is annoying on one level, but there again for guys who aren't paid to play it is hard to demand that they just get on with it and get the job done as it isn't a job but something they do for enjoyment.

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