Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Because you're not worth it.

Apparently we have another survey that states the obvious then tells us nothing. Women believe they are paid less than men in the IT industry. This survey is entirely about perception not reality. Those surveyed had no idea what their companies pay rates were so how could they tell if they were being paid more or less than their male colleagues?

The final quote in the article is a good illustration of what is completely wrong with these surveys
"Last October, official government stats found that women IT managers are still paid less that men although the gap was narrowing" Managing what exactly? Are they technical managers, product managers or project managers? Are they managing technical teams or test teams or directly dealing with the client? All those jobs require different qualities and those qualities are in varying degrees of availability and that impacts pay rates. But sure why should we look at the fine detail when the headline is so satisfying.

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