Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May I have the pleasure?

I paid a visit to the Mansion House over the weekend to see the Lord Mayor. There was some speechifying and some beverages to be enjoyed. As I mentioned to someone while there I liked the place, but I wouldn't be prepared to make an offer until I could find out what the rental situation in the area was like.

I also visited with some friends from the land of way back. Dear God but house prices in Dublin still give me the willies. K&K seemed in pretty good form.

Today, we had what I regarded as belated April showers put in an appearance. Weather has been pretty weird over the last few days. Friday was lovely but then got cold, then Saturday was pretty good but it rained Sunday afternoon.

Blogging appears to have taken a bit of dive recently...well...it has tailed off since the New Year I would think. Why is this I wonder? Perhaps, people became self conscious about what they were posting? Perhaps, the predominantly one-sided habit of a blog has made it harder to sustain an interest. After all when you talk to yourself you're aware that no one is listening with this blogging business you're not entirely sure if there is anyone listening or if the audience has all gone home.

What else have I done? Struggled to write a few bits, had some stuff printed in An Focal, ran a blog/column on the SU elections as an attempt to get into the punditry business Noel Whelan how are ya!

Errr.... there must have been something else.


Anonymous said...

Oh we're listening alright... listening to every word... Muahahaha...Muahahahahahaha... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!... MUAHAHAHAHA!... Muahahahaha... Muahaha.. haha.. ha... phew..

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back blogging!