Friday, May 12, 2006

Venom and Bile - Part 1

You'd wonder some times if trashy teen movies and mainstream schlock horror writers have taught us nothing about human behaviour.

When the telekenetically empowered nutter is made a fool of they don't just limit themselves to killing the perpetrators but indiscriminately lay waste to everyone in the room. Why? Because it is not so much the people behind the pig's blood that are the real offenders but those who were in on it and kept schtum. With friends like these who needs enemies. It kind of all boils down to trust. Can you trust those people? If in doubt, leave them out.

In truth, you tend to come to half expect such things from a transparent, androgyous leech who is so in need of validation that they probably have a photoshopped picture of themselves appearing on amihotornot. A person more choirboy than diva. Badly written though those people may be they still exist.


Anonymous said...

There were plenty of sequels to that movie.

Unfortunately they just got worse and worse as they went along.

The last installment seems to hold out some hope!

Dan Sullivan said...

All these things end in with tears in the eyes or is that skull fragments in the eyes?

Anonymous said...

I hope the 4th one doesn't or sanitary towels will be making a BIG comeback!

And poor old Carrie Fisher really deserves better than skull fragments in the eyes. Her acting isn't that bad.