Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Should I stay or should i go NOW!?

And will the B'stards let me?

We're due to visit a place (name isn't important) near Dublin on Thursday at 11am which means getting a train at 6.45am Thursday if there is a train! If there isn't a train then we'd need to get the bus tomorrow evening and overnight in Dublin or perhaps we can rent a car for the Thursday morning. All of which makes this even more of an ordeal that it really needs to be. Effing train drivers.

In addition, there are the the iMedia presentations for most of the day on this Friday and Monday next which means I'll be mostly out of the office and out of sight (and we know what that leads to) for Thursday, Friday, Monday and perhaps even some of tomorrow Wednesday.


mgb said...

Looks like you will be able to get the train after all

Although not the shiny new ones. "It is understood drivers will not be driving the new trains when they return to work today. The unions are due to meet Iarnr√≥d √Čireann management later today."

Dan Sullivan said...

Service won't be 100% for a bit and we can't really drop into Colbert for 6.45am on the possiblity. Apparently, a car has been booked so driving it is.