Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You think you know some people

People can surprise you. I'm not talking about what I did some years back to a housemate. We were living in house that had a mini landing, with a couple of steps up to a landing for the back of house and a turnback which lead back to the rooms in the front of the house. All this about 3/4 of the way up the stairs. The landing was quite dark when the light wasn't on even during the day. I was just at the top steps coming from the back of the house and saw my friend exit his room in the front of the house, so I stepped down the final step onto the landing and then sidestepped into the dark spot on the mini-landing. My friend came down the steps, turned passed me and was just about to descend the main stairs when I said, in my best even toned slight evil voice, 'Martin' Dear God, he leapt! And then once he had his balance turned and started thumping me. Which was fair enough given that I was in hysterics of laughter. There again, he was later that year one of those involved with the 'rattle stick trick' on the road out of Lagoa in Portugal.

No, what I mean is that people you suspect you're passable socialable with and who you've even somewhat against your better judgement helped out in finding a place to live when they were apparently stuck (there again, the signs were there when they don't even take the time to say 'thanks' for that) decide you're persona non grata. Still, it's not like it was any different last year.
We live and learn. Or not as the case may be. Death to the Arch Demoness Allegra Geller

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