Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The silent treatment

So now some people are blanking me. Not to worry, all be over soon. Or so I'm lead to believe.

Should have mentioned the blanking occurred a few minutes after another more an accidental ignoring at the bus stop which was quite understandable.

In other news, I snore apparently. Inconsistently. Have to work on that to get a consistent tone. It should be noted on the airbed you can't turn so you are stuck on your back and I'm more of a side sleeper and my nose is a little blocked due to stuff in the air. Dusty couches being disturbed and so on.

Hope to get another part of the house process dealt with today. Should probably hold off on any celebrations for a bit.


The Busy Engineer said...

Yeah I know.
Sound really carries through those floor boards......
just kidding. The only person I can hear snoring is Mike. Those walls aren't the thickest.

mgb said...
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mgb said...


Dan Sullivan said...

I'm a bit of roller as well.