Monday, May 15, 2006


I really hate this sort of stuff. Just as I get the information that the house might not be there in time comes a temptation from elsewhere. It's all part of a plot, I'm sure of it.

I've been getting mails and txts from OMG about houses but nothing of any real use, usually 3 beds in Corbally/Westbury for 230K then today I get this one. Which is close to where I had looked before and been let down. €240K is probably my upper limit what I was prepared to spend even if it was South Fork complete with a pool and that down southern wife JR got himself when he was put in jail. I could probably have rustled up some more if needed but there again it will more likely go for more that €240K, what with two rooms downstairs for receptions and such like and 4 actual bedrooms upstairs. So, perhaps I should hang onto the difference just case I need do other stuff. Hired killers are going for more that €500 in Limerick these days I hear. I might look into it after all.

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