Monday, May 29, 2006

House Wear

I thought I might leverage a wee bit from the experience of others in this area.

When putting stuff in a house it is very easy to overlook some items like that table thingy under the telly.

So, I'm going to use this as a place to list stuff that I need for each room and people can comment on things I'm missing.


I'm going to need curtains up the yingyang.

Living room

Telly! VCR, DVD






crockery and cutlery

a knife set.

this one could be quite long, perhaps the longest of the lot.

Dining Area

Table + chairs


washing machine, and a dryer

Hall way

an umbrella stand! and a coat and hat rack?

Bath room

hmm... some toilet duck, a little basket and not much else initially I suppose.

Box Room

A single 3 footer bed,
bedside cabinet
rubbish bin

Front Bedroom

Double bed, or just a 4 and 1/5 footer.
Bedside cabinet
rubbish bin
Mirrored ceiling?

Back Bedroom

Double bed, or just a 4 and 1/5 footer.
Bedside cabinet
rubbish bin


Stira! and then make the attic a library will need to get the weight limit on the ceiling assessed.


Shed, well at some point


The Busy Engineer said...

Make sure you get Divorcee Barbie. She comes with most of the stuff listed.

Connie said...

;) B
ut with that she may have a lot of baggage, which may need to be stored and accommodated .. hmm, would the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? ;)

Dan Sullivan said...

It was really a burning, flaming barbie I had in mind not the plastic type. That said there might be one or two hereabouts that could provide an entertaining evening by getting the Joan of Arc treatment, not that they are anatomically correct either though.