Monday, May 15, 2006

Out in the cold again

Temperature has dropped a few degrees hereabouts, and the hunter gatherer effort for lunch is now more lone wolf than as a member of a pack. Forced to skulk out and back. Sometimes there is no safety in numbers.

Weatherwise it seems our taste of summer is passed too. Got wet yesterday and just managed to miss it today.

And it seems my vendors need another week to move house, which leaves me royally stuck as the place I'm in at the moment has also been sold and they have gone with the same closing date as my original closing date. Seems the Goddess is a tad annoyed at me. See, wishing for people to burn in Hell or be run down by a bus doesn't do any good for one's karma.


Anonymous said...

burning bridges leaves you nowhere to run

Dan Sullivan said...

Very trite someone who won't even include their name.

mgb said...

You seem to have no problem posting about anonymous people.

Its only fair that anonymous people can post as well.

Dan Sullivan said...

How can we know if they are the same anonymous people in both cases?

The Busy Engineer said...

there are always solutions to these unforseen moving problems. Finding somewhere for Danny to stay for a week won't be a problem.
Finding somewhere for Dannys "stuff" to stay for a week shouldn't be a problem either.
Both locations may not be the same!