Sunday, May 28, 2006


X-men was poor enough, can't say I felt it was value for money by any means. And doing things with certain characters just for the sake of you wantign the public to turn out for what you claim will be the final installment is just silly.

I'm a week away from completing my move. Currently crashing at chez Catherine street, thanks for that lads! Did some moving on Friday, last assisted by Eoin and John. Thanks again. I should be getting keys on Friday and move in that night or the Saturday. That said, it could take a while to get some of the furnishings I need. Sofas and such appear to take 12-14 weeks, I suspect they have to hunt down the individual trees to be used. I'm inclined towards getting something immmediate and that may mean second hand so long as it would last 2/3 years. Beds on the other hand will need to be decent, sleep is very important.


The Busy Engineer said...

If the second hand sofa is only going to last 2/3 years then you way need to order that new one immediately!

Dan Sullivan said...

True, though perhaps Argos won't be as slow to sort out couches.

Connie said...

Glad to hear the house-buying/moving process working out for you