Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday.

I suspect someone is looking to borrow money, or a lift or generally mooch something as I was party to a "Hi lads" at lunch time. Of course, I might just have received it as some sort of collateral damage and it might not have included me at all. Now, I will have to come clean at this point and admit to the fact that I'm currently availing of the kindness of others. The difference is I'm pleasant to the same people outside of times when I need stuff from them. You see that's how a real long con works.

In other news, I'm doing a table quiz for the Limerick Animal Welfare folks in the stables this evening and have been boning up on my useless knowledge base, that and being refreshed by other group members as to my awareness of the doings of the Famous 5. I was always sure that George and Anne were up to something, or it could have been wishful thinking on the part of my teenage self. I'm sure there some fanfic on it somewhere.


mgb said...

Would that fanfic be with with lashings and ginger beer

You could probably fine George and Timmy fanfic if you looked hard enough!!!!

Dan Sullivan said...

I must get a broad band connection as I've not gone near any of that type of material since the move. I recall the Buffy&Faith domain was quite popular as was the Captain Janeway, 7of9 combination. Though "donna the vampire slayer" was quite good too, and not half so naughty.

Ah fanfic, I should post some links to be my own material sometime or would that be too revealing.