Monday, May 22, 2006

There is indeed an isle

and its Cup runneth over. A great old day all the same. The tense was frightening throughout but the second half had us all heaving along with the team to ensure they kept Biarritz out. As someone said, it cost Biarritz €10 million to assemble their team and in some senses they were beaten by a group of lads from down the road. Ah..., but what a road!

Kerry had a win over Waterford to kick off the championship, though it appears to have been harder work than expected.

Dowie is gone from Palace and I reckon Andy Johnson and Gabor Kiraly will soon follow. I wonder how we are going to challenge for a play-off place next year with Sunderland and Birmingham and Leeds. So, my sporting thoughts are somewhat mixed after all that.

Finland brought some glamour back to the Eurovision. That is glamour in its original Lallans meaning of to "be seen as different things by different people", for the preteen rebels the song probably seemed like one in the eye for the old fogies. For the older folks, it was an ironic statement about the music industry. Ireland managed to get in the top ten and we seem to be able to get a few votes here and there.

I got a mention in a political gossip magazine last week. It's hardly publicity but sure it can't hurt to still be in the public eye or could it.


Mark Dowling said...

Listen, I don't want to rain on our parade but don't go too overboard on the "down the road" thing - Halstead being South African (what a blast over the line that was) as is Shaun Payne plus Argentine Federico Pucciariello coming on with a quarter hour left, and Cullen being crocked but who any team would love to have available for a huge game of that kind.

We're not talking about Celtic in '67 here.

Dan Sullivan said...

I agree, it wasn't my own comment on the day.

As for raining on the parade, I think someone did that already!